Bulldog Compliance, a division of Red Curve Solutions®, LLC, provides services essential to your organization. You can think of Bulldog Compliance as your back office that will provide continuity to your organization. A chaotic campaign environment doesn’t give your employees and volunteers the time needed to effectively tackle burdensome tasks. Bulldog Compliance takes them off your plate so that you can focus on your organization’s core function.


Political organizations are very different than for-profit businesses. As such, campaign finance accounting is very different than traditional CPA-style accounting. Red Curve Solutions ® employs the best practices from the private sector to comport with the unique accounting requirements of the Federal Election Commission and its state regulatory equivalent.

  • Ensure compliance with the proper regulatory body (FEC, state campaign finance board)
  • Reconcile bank statements to disclosure reports
  • Ensure that activity is reported on the correct line of the disclosure report
  • Provide your organization with the most recent disclosure reports along with an updated cash report
  • Empower decision makers with the information that they need
  • Budgeting
  •  Conduct audits of activity and present findings to decision-makers
  •  Amend previous reports to correct shortcomings
  •  Provide continuity for record-keeping and reporting to minimize effects of staff turnover
  •  Leverage proprietary technology with experience


As the world changes and new technology is developed, receipt data comes in many forms, from many sources. Receipts take the form of cash, checks, credit cards, and bitcoins. Credit cards are used via an array of platforms and online merchants.

  • Careful human analysis
  • Research and vetting of contributions and the financial instrument
  • Accurate data entry
  • Routine data maintenance
  • Analysis and reporting to the level of detail matching client needs
  • Leveraging the power of VORTEX℠ for budgeting, analysis, and compliance reporting purposes


Our detailed approach to compliance will give you the piece of mind that the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. Our comprehensive approach allows us to see all of the moving parts and to prevent unforced error.

  • Proprietary technology harnessed to enforce and follow the rules
  • Experienced personnel
  • Reporting capabilities at the federal and state level
  • Processes to ensure that your organization only accepts permissible contributions
  • Mechanisms to refund impermissible contributions
  • A system to detect and prevent unauthorized or impermissible expenditures


Bulldog Compliance, a division of Red Curve Solutions ® harnesses the power of VORTEX℠, its proprietary revenue & expense management system to impose financial accountability on your organization.

  • Built-in Checks and Balances
  • Promotes organizational transparency
  • Decentralizes power over the purse
  • Provides an audit trail of activity
  • Prevents unauthorized transactions
  • Keeps the organization within its budget
  • Guards against embezzlement and fraud


Bulldog Compliance, a division of Red Curve Solutions ® helps track, account, and project your financial condition in a way that is helpful to organizational decision-makers.

  • Providing a dedicated Red Curve Solutions ® individual to act as the Chief Financial Officer of your organization
  • Providing Weekly, Daily, or even more frequent cash reports
  • Creating both short-term and long-term budgets for each vital stage of your organization’s existence
  • Developing budget projections to aid organizational principals in decision-making
  • Leveraging industry experience to ensure that you pay vendors a fair market value–and not a penny more


No matter the form of receipt, Bulldog Compliance, a division of Red Curve Solutions ® has the solution for you.

First, for online contributions, use Red Curve Solutions ® proprietary widget, APEX℠. APEX℠ is fully integrated with VORTEX℠ for maximum ease and convenience.

​​For checks, Bulldog Compliance, a division of Red Curve Solutions ® provides a detailed, human analysis of each financial instrument that comes in the door. We will evaluate any donor forms or donor correspondence accompanying the check. Prohibited or flawed checks are returned to the donor with appropriate correspondence. Acceptable receipts are batched, deposited, and recorded in VORTEX℠ with identifying details such as event code, conduit, joint fundraising committee, or fundraiser/bundler. Any necessary compliance letters are sent to donors in a timely manner.


Bulldog Compliance, a division of Red Curve Solutions ® has financial professionals that have spent most of their life guiding organizations with financial management. 

For some reason, despite the large amount of dollars spent in politics, organizations bootstrap their financial management operation.

Red Curve Solutions ® saw the lack of financial planning and analysis as the highest level of political campaigns and built a proprietary software program to meet the unique needs of politics. Red Curve Solutions ® has brought that financial planning and analysis experience to the politics. 

Red Curve Solutions ® has performed financial management at the highest level. Red Curve Solutions ® has worked with hundreds of political organizations of all sizes – from Presidential campaigns to city councilor races.